Clean-up Turn-up

Rounding that final corner of another Thursday so it’s time again to clean up. Take a few minutes, dust off your office furniture and water your plants. Sort that pile of papers that you’ve been avoiding, and take a minute to do more than just rinse your coffee cup for once!

Here, Thursday’s cleanup includes a new level of hifi music with a brand spanking new set of Klipsch Promedia 2.1 THX certified computer speaker system w/ subwoofer. The range of sound is broad and perfectly clear, looks really good on the desk, and (importantly) they’re loud af.

This set comes with speaker covers that actually look fairly nice but… There is a slight tradeoff to be aware of tho. The covers muffle the high end / treble performance of these speakers, so don’t bother putting them on. Notice how even Klipsch doesn’t include them in the picture of the product? Yeah…. 😉

We’re turning up to our favorite 90s jams today, for what it’s worth. 🤘🤘🤘

Full disclosure: Yes, CYFD earns a smol commission on your purchase if you click through the Amazon link above and order. It helps keep the site alive.

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